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Pyramid GNSS - a cybersecurity software solution to protect against GNSS spoofing & jamming attacks

GNSS Spoofing and Jamming attacks are posing an ongoing threat to satellite-based navigation and timing across multiple industries.
Thousands of incidents are reported every year.

While 7% of the world’s GDP depends on GNSS time and location, Regulus proved again and again that today’s GNSS receivers and GNSS systems are highly vulnerable.

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Enhance your PNT (Position, Navigation & Time) resiliency with, a software-only, receiver-agnostic, simple-to-integrate solution to detect and alert against smart spoofing & jamming attacks.


Advanced, patented chip level/hardware level solution to both detect AND mitigate spoofing, enabling continuous PNT operation even under a spoofing attack.


Hardware-agnostic, stateless, lightweight and simple-to-integrate software library, constantly updating, detects the most recent and sophisticated GNSS spoofing attacks.


Pyramid DT Detects data & range spoofing, time shifts, combined attacks & multiple attack sources, while requiring only about  2DMIPS, 500bytes RAM and 2K of flash memory. 

Pyramid DT is commercially deployed, has connected or stand-alone operation, and is tested and proven by third-parties. It uses dozens of independent software mechanisms and algorithms and is updated for newly identified threats - the first ever GNSS “Anti-virus”.


Multi-patent, multiple-peak detection and tracking algorithms for chip level/hardware level implementation, allows to both detect AND mitigate spoofing.

Designed for chip-level integration, FPGA-based receivers or software-based receivers - for reliable, secure, and undisrupted PNT under GNSS spoofing attacks.

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