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Regulus Cyber was founded in 2016 with the vision of providing cybersecurity for GNSS, authenticating satellite-based navigation and timing to assure accuracy, reliability and security.  Co-founders Yonatan Zur, CEO, and Yoav Zangvil, CTO, are industry veterans with diverse experience across industries including Aerospace, defense, communications and navigation systems. The company is backed by leading Venture Capital firms including Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners, F2 capital and The Technion, Israel’s leading Technological University.  (GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems: GPS-USA, Galileo-Europe, BeiDou-China, GLONASS-Russia)


Seven percent of the world’s GDP depends on GNSS, including Automotive and Mobility, Aviation, Financial sectors, Critical infrastructure, Telecommunication and more. Businesses and individuals rely on the integrity of the GNSS location and time services (PNT-position, navigation, timing), which have been practically unsecured from inception. 

GNSS is at the heart of sensitive and core functions in everything we do. It provides accurate timing for mobile communication networks and financial institutions. It also provides location and enables navigation services and Mobility services like ride-hailing.  It is embedded in the automotive ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), protecting our safety in every drive. It is also essential  technology for asset tracking and geo-fencing in Electronic Monitoring.


The incentive for cyber-attacks on GPS has always existed, but the availability  of low-cost Software Defined Radios (SDR) and open-source GPS attack software made it affordable and universally accessible, as evidenced by the widespread breaching of the online game, “Pokemon GO,” by falsifying position. This contributed to demonstrating that the hard-coded security mechanisms in GNSS receivers were ineffective and obsolete to the ever-evolving attacks.


Regulus Cyber is taking a holistic cyber approach to address GNSS vulnerabilities by offering a software-only protection (like an “anti-virus”) for GNSS, providing location and time integrity under a wide range of ever-evolving attacks and attack surfaces. It’s like a GPS Firewall.

Regulus Pyramid GNSS is a software library for detection of cybersecurity attacks and authentication and protection of GNSS. It is readily compiled into any required target, lightweight and easily integrated anywhere in the system, whether new or retrofitted, and has both connected and stand-alone operation options to fit different use cases. Its flexibility of integration modes and low footprint are critical for securing mobile phones and embedded IoT applications. 


Regulus Cyber is also developing a complementary, patent-pending, cybersecurity spoofing mitigation technology to make GNSS receivers resilient to attacks. Proprietary algorithms incorporate spoofing classifications and tracking techniques into a software-based GNSS receiver to keep it accurate and operational, even while under cybersecurity spoofing attacks.

To achieve the high level of protection provided by  the Pyramid GNSS technology, Regulus Cyber has developed world leading GNSS spoofing attack capabilities. Regulus Cyber has 100% success in spoofing GNSS receivers, chipsets and systems, high and low-end devices, mobile phone platforms and high-end secured automotive positioning systems. Creating ever-evolving cybersecurity attack capabilities has enabled Regulus to develop expertise with real-world attacks, providing a key differentiator that gives our software solutions a clear and unique edge over competitors.

Regulus Cyber’s Pyramid GNSS software is ready and being deployed across multiple industries worldwide. 


Founded in 2016, Regulus is based in Israel and backed by investors Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners Israel, the Technion, F2 Capital, btov Partners and SPDG Ventures. Regulus Cyber is an alumnus of the prestigious “Drive” and “The Junction” accelerators in Israel, and Plug and Play in the US.


*European GNSS Agency (GSA), 2017 GNSS Market Report (click to download report)

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