Ring Revolutionary Next Generation Counter-UAS System

Fully Operational & Combat Proven in the field, Ring uses proprietary GNSS spoofing techniques, allowing it to defeat any drone

Ring C-UAS

GNSS Spoofing is a mighty tool to stop rogue drones

Ring uniquely and effectively uses GNSS spoofing against intrusive drones and UAS, replacing the need to jam or cyber-hack data links.

Unlike current solutions, Ring is effective against swarms, multi-direction attacks, dark drones, manually piloted drones, 4G/5G drones - without the problematic need to reverse engineer drone protocols and with no dependency on white lists.

Capable both as a stationary and on-the-move solution, with a 3 minutes deployment time and 6Kg weight - Ring is unmatched in any C-UAS scenario.

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Ring C-UAS

Ring is a revolutionary C-UAS system from Regulus Cyber.

Ring soft-kills drones by uniquely spoofing their GNSS system thus preventing drones from both entering a protected perimeter and returning to their operator.

Ring can hold an incoming threat in position, divert it, land it or crash it.

Simple, Universally effective, light, quick to set up, and easily integrated, Ring is a unique C-UAS effector with un-matched capabilities.

Ring is already operational with a leading army and has been combat-proven in a real-world conflict against real threats.


Integrated or networked C2

Ring comes with its own C2 interface for both Ring and external integrated systems, or use our JSON based API to integrate any existing C2 system.

The control suite provides a complete set of options for Anti-UAS capabilities such as Hold, Divert, Land or crash.


Operator can choose the action required manually or pre-define an automated response based on the threat analysis. 


Full soft-kill solution

Either a stand-alone effector, combined with a Radar, or part of a full C-UAS suite.

Simple integration, add to any other C-UAS components.


Flexible Deployment

With Omni, Directional or Matrix deployment options, Ring can suit most operational needs - stationary or on the move, while offering flexible ranges and low collateral damage.

Ring Omni

Omni-protected zone.
Simple and effective.

Ring Directional

Limited collateral damage.
Extended range.

Ring Matrix


Synchronized Multi-Ring Operation.
Large area, limited collateral damage.


Ring C-UAS