First and only software based detection and mitigation solution for GPS spoofing. Protecting Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) applications.


GPS Spoofing is a growing concern across multiple industries. Regulus has developed the first GPS Firewall software suite called - Pyramid GNSS™. The software integrates with the existing GNSS receiver and monitor incoming signals detecting fake GNSS signals and mitigating them.
The Regulus Cyber solution offers high end performance, affordable price, and easy integration for any platform, protecting both location and timing systems.
Automotive Navigation Resiliency
Autonomous driving requires the use of satellite navigation and multiple sensor systems. These systems are all vulnerable to dangerous attacks.
Vehicle Sensors Protection
Electronic Monitoring Location Authentication
GPS can be easily manipulated by an offender under house arrest. Regulus offers a low power easy to install software, that provides real time alert when location information is being tempered with
EM and Tracking Cybersecurity
Ride-sharing Fraud Protection
Ride sharing business rely on reliable GPS signal for both passengers and drivers to operate. However, drivers use spoofing to fraud the system and generate fake rides. Regulus software integrates with the existing app detecting these types of fraud attempts.
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Maritime ECDIS and AIS Cybersecurity
Naval Vessels Today rely heavily on GPS and Sensors. These systems have vulnerabilities that risk both manned and unmanned ships.
Naval Sensors Protection
Mobile Location Accuracy
Both Android and iOS devices utilize GPS to provide location services vital for the phones various capabilities. With GNSS interference on the rise, users experience disruptions that cause inaccuracy and delay in location acquisition.
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Aviation GNSS Integrity
As commercial aviation becomes more automated, the dependency on sensors is also growing, making all aircraft highly vulnerable to hacking.
Aircraft Navigation Cybersecurity
GPS Timing Systems Resiliency
GNSS based timing systems are the back bone of critical infrastructure and timing systems on a national level. Time spoofing poses great risk to the stability of these systems.
Learn More Resilient Timing Software Solution
LBS Apps Cybersecurity
Location Based Services rely on constant, reliable, GPS connectivity. With satellite signal interference on the rise, these apps require real time signal authentication.
Location Authentication for Apps
Trucking Telematics Cybersecurity
Trucking and fleet management utilize GPS as the main source for data collection and navigation. With GPS hacking on the rise, there are growing cases of disruption to operations.
Commercial Vehicle Cybersecurity Software




GPS Interferences is a Global Cybersecurity Issue.

The incentive for cyber-attacks on GPS has always existed, but the availability of low-cost Software Defined Radios (SDR) and open-source GPS attack software made it affordable and universally accessible. Regulus Cyber is taking a holistic cyber approach to address GNSS vulnerabilities by offering a software-only protection (like an “anti-virus”) for GNSS, providing location and time integrity under a wide range of ever-evolving attacks and attack surfaces.

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