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Wherever location and timing security matters, Regulus Pyramid GNSS™ provides unmatched reliability. Pyramid GNSS™ is a big data spoofing protection software that can upgrade any existing GPS system, equipping it with state-of-the-art resilient PNT capabilities


Pyramid GNSS

GNSS Cybersecurity Solution

GNSS cyber threat is growing rapidly with real-world attacks. Today, little is done to secure GNSS against hacking attacks. GNSS is critical being the only source of absolute position, navigation, and time (PNT).

The Pyramid GNSS technology detects, alerts, and protects against spoofing attacks. Pyramid GNSS is the first stand-alone software technology to detect and mitigate smart GNSS/GPS spoofing against receivers that is secure, affordable and implementable across any GNSS/GPS system. Any standard GNSS receiver or chipset can now be made resilient to defend against these attacks.


Chip protected


Electronic Monitoring Location Authentication

GPS can be easily manipulated by an offender under house arrest. Regulus offers a low power, simple to integrate software, that provides real-time alert when location information is being tempered.



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Location Based Apps - iOS & Android

Mobile Location Reliability

GPS technology is at the core of modern  LBS apps, making navigation reliability a top concern. With GNSS spoofing and disruption on the rise, Regulus provides app developers with an integrated GPS cybersecurity solution. 


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Commercial Vehicle Navigation Cybersecurity

Trucking and fleet management utilize GPS as the main source for data collection and navigation. With GPS hacking on the rise done by both drivers and criminals, there are more cases of disruption to operations. Regulus provides truck operators with fleet wide solution to detect and alert breaches in real time. 


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GPS Timing Systems Resiliency

GNSS based timing systems are the backbone of critical infrastructure and timing systems for cellular, cable, electric grid, financial systems, and more. Time spoofing poses a great risk to the stability of these systems. Regulus provides an upgrade to existing timing systems, and provide it with the capability of preventing time manipulation in real time. 


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Automotive Navigation Resiliency

Autonomous driving requires the use of satellite navigation and multiple sensor systems. These systems are all vulnerable to dangerous attacks.
Regulus provides an innovative software upgrade to the onboard GPS receiver, to detect GNSS hacking in real-time. 


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ECDIS and AIS Cybersecurity

Naval Vessels Today rely heavily on GPS and Sensors. These systems have vulnerabilities that risk both manned and unmanned ships.
Regulus maritime cybersecurity solutions enhance the ship's navigation system, ensuring the integrity of incoming satellite signals and alerting when the signal is compromised. 


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Mobile Location Integrity

Both Android and iOS devices utilize GPS to provide location services vital for the phones various capabilities. With GNSS interference on the rise, users experience disruptions that cause inaccuracy and delay in location acquisition.
Regulus provides mobile manufacturers with state-of-the-art security software, upgrading the GNSS chip with resiliency against satellite signal spoofing. 


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Ride-sharing Fraud Protection

The Ridesharing business relies on a reliable GPS signal for both passengers and drivers to operate. However, drivers use spoofing to fraud the system and generate fake rides. This results in customer frustration and revenue loss for the company.
Regulus software integrates with the existing app detecting these types of fraud attempts, reporting them in real-time to fleet operators. 


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Aviation GNSS Integrity

As commercial aviation becomes more automated, the dependency on GPS is also growing, making all aircraft highly vulnerable to hacking.
Regulus provides aircraft manufacturers and airlines with a simple to integrate navigation cybersecurity solution. Pilots receive real time alert and guidance once GPS is compromised. 


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