Cyber Security for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)

Regulus is the first company dealing with sensor cybersecurity. Our first product is Pyramid GNSS™ - defending against GNSS spoofing and GPS hacking attacks.

Detection, Mitigation, and Reporting
of GNSS Attacks

Our Pyramid GNSS™ software suite monitors and protects GNSS and GPS receivers from spoofing. Pyramid GNSS is the first solution for the commercial sector to defend against dangerous fake signals. The Regulus Cyber solution offers high end performance, affordable price, and easy integration for any manned or autonomous platform.
Automotive Sensor Defense
Autonomous driving requires the use of satellite navigation and multiple sensor systems. These systems are all vulnerable to dangerous attacks.
Vehicle Sensors Protection
Maritime Sensor Defense
Naval Vessels Today rely heavily on GPS and Sensors. These systems have vulnerabilities that risk both manned and unmanned ships.
Naval Sensors Protection
Aviation Sensor Defense
As commercial aviation becomes more automated, the dependency on sensors is also growing, making all aircraft highly vulnerable to hacking.
Aircraft Sensors Protection




Sensor and GPS disruption is a global cybersecurity issue.

Across borders and industries, the risk of cyber attacks on manned and autonomous driving technology and crucial sensors is looming, and the impact could be devastating. As the aviation, maritime and automotive industries speed toward autonomous capabilities, we ensure a solution that keeps pace with looming sensor cyber attacks and threats

Regulus In The News

Regulus Cyber 与HARMAN成功签约启动合作

日前,据海外媒体报道,以色列一家网络安全公司Regulus Cyberr经测试发现,利用“无线和远程方式”可攻击特斯拉Model 3的GPS系统,使车辆驾驶辅助功能、空气悬架工作异常,出现突然降速或转向偏离主干道情况。 Regulus Cyber公司是首家关注汽车、移动设备和关键基础设施智能传感器安全的公司,其在针对全球定位卫星系统接收器易受到欺骗技术攻击的威胁研究中发现,特斯拉汽车就易受到该威胁。

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