Pyramid Radar™

Don’t compromise on security. Pyramid RADAR defense ensures the autonomous revolution develops safely.

Pyramid RADAR

Pyramid RADAR offers critical radar security and driverless car sensor defense. Through leading-edge technologies, Regulus Cyber is at the forefront of the autonomous revolution, providing state-of-the-art solutions for driverless vehicle defense against emerging real-world attacks and threats.

Inadequate RADAR protection means ships, drones, planes, and cares are left defenseless against brutal attacks

Nefarious hackers, terrorists and criminals have set their sets on the emerging market of autonomous vehicles, and have quickly and inexpensively developed ways to disrupt, hack, jam and spoof systems on planes, ships, and automobiles.

The solution to avoiding disaster: Pyramid RADAR

Regulus is the only company approaching sensor protection from a holistic angle. From Pyramid GNSS to LiDAR to cameras, our Pyramid sensor protection suite has made practical and influential advances in ensuring sensors can effectively ward off threats.

  • Pyramid GNSS™ protects the onboard GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver from jamming and spoofing attacks.

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    • Pyramid’s radar protector is working to ensure autonomous cars, drones, and other systems function continuously
    • Allow systems to develop and evolve, without the looming threat of malicious attacks.
    • Each link in our state-of-the-art Pyramid suite provides a unique and critical service to protect against hacking and mission interference, spoofing or jamming attacks, and other nefarious threats that could lead to data leaks or even life-threatening situations.
    • RADAR has been present in vehicles for decades, though with the inevitability of driverless cars entering the market, it’s security is more critical than ever. RADAR determines crucial factors such as velocity, range, and angle of objects through short, medium, and long-range RADARs spanning from .2m range to 200m range. When these capabilities are tampered with or attacked, the results can range from massive traffic pile-ups to fatal accidents. Securing autonomous vehicles has never been so important.


    • Pyramid Radar™

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    Other Regulus Pyramid™ Security solutions

    Pyramid GNSS™

    The first commercial-grade, multi-constellation navigation solution with robust, built-in GNSS spoofing and jamming defense. GNSS spoofing attacks are becoming easy to create by anyone with a $300 kit and open source software. The Pyramid™ GNSS is the first satellite navigation protection system with mass-market pricing and small size factor relevant for multiple applications.

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    Pyramid LiDAR™

    LiDAR is the backbone of object detection and classification, the risk of blinding by an outside source jamming the incoming signal is bigger than ever. LiDAR can be hacked by transmitting specific laser pulse frequencies, resulting in failure or worse – incorrect data being sent to the system. Pyramid LiDAR filters out the fake signal and maintains the original input coming from the surroundings.

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