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Pyramid™ Sensor Cybersecurity Technology

Pyramid Radar™

Pyramid’s radar protector is working to ensure autonomous cars, drones, and other systems can function without the threat of interference or jamming. 

Pyramid LiDAR™

The only dedicated system looking at LiDAR security for commercial usage. Through high-level defense against spoofing or jamming attacks.

Pyramid GNSS™

Groundbreaking technology protecting GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers systems against spoofing attacks.

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    Regulus Pyramid™ Security solutions​

    Pyramid GNSS™

    The first commercial-grade, multi-constellation navigation solution with robust, built-in GNSS spoofing defense. GNSS spoofing attacks are becoming easy to create by anyone with a $300 kit and open-source software. The Pyramid™ GNSS is the first satellite navigation protection system with affordable pricing and easily integrated across all receivers.

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