Technology Overview


the ultimate counter drone soft kill system

Ring is a revolutionary C-UAS system from Regulus Cyber

Ring soft-kills drones by uniquely spoofing their GNSS system thus preventing drones from both entering a protected perimeter and returning to their operator.

Simple, Universally effective, light, quick to set up, and easily integrated, Ring™ is a unique C-UAS effector with un-matched capabilities.

Ring is already operational with a leading western army and has been combat-proven in a real-world conflict.





Ring Capabilities

Intercepts any GNSS (GPS) equipped drone or UAS
At flexible and effective ranges, depending on configuration. Extended ranges also possible


Interception time of 2 to 10 seconds at all ranges
All incoming Drone/UAS are affected simultaneously


Intercepted Drone/UAS is stopped at its current position, or diverted to a new position
Effective against all drones within range


Intercepted Drone/UAS is then brought into a holding pattern
Holding pattern is defined by user (circle, line, etc.)


Drones/UAS with an auto-landing feature can be ordered to land at any time/location
Landing pattern and times depend or platform’s own auto-landing settings





Built in intuitive command module

Ring comes with a pre-loaded user interface providing command & control capabilities for both Ring and external integrated systems:



See real time inputs of connected detection system with battlefield overview - Ring effector seamlessly integrates with many common communication protocols of existing detection systems, providing a live map of any invading drones on the same UI with the effector. Can be combined with a variety detectors including radar, RF, acoustic or optics. 


Control incoming drones with a press of a button - The control suite provides a complete set of options for Anti-UAS capabilities such as Hold, Divert, Land or Eliminate (crash). Operator can choose the action required manually or pre-define an automated response based on the threat analysis. 


Ring UI 1



Deployment Options

Single Point Omni - for small non-GNSS dependent areas and assets


Single Point Directional - for small areas with clear directional threat


Multi Point Directional - for large, GNSS dependent areas and assets




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