Robots Sensor Defense

Robotic sensor defense ensures businesses effectively and safely integrate new technologies into core processes

Protect critical information and data

Regulus Cyber’s technologies are your first line of defense against sensor hacking, spoofing attacks, and jamming attacks. Our sensor suite keeps data accurate, private, and reliable.

Sensor security must be a priority

The adverse effects of disruption to Robotic sensor or camera systems can be both costly and dangerous. Regulus uses the latest technologies in a fully developed pyramid sensor protection system.

Pyramid Suite protects robotics from hacking, spoofing, and other nefarious threats

Safeguard your business investments with Regulus Cyber’s sensor defense. Our Pyramid Sensor Suite allows businesses to save valuable time and resources on what matters.

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    Pyramid GNSS™
    Regulus provides affordable GNSS spoofing detection and protection to the mass markets requiring reliability and low-cost. The Pyramid Software technology defends against ever-increasing attacks and interferences.
    Pyramid LiDAR™
    LiDAR is the backbone of object detection and classification, the risk of blinding by an outside source jamming the incoming signal is bigger than ever. LiDAR can be hacked by transmitting specific laser pulse frequencies, resulting in failure or worse - incorrect data being sent to the system. Pyramid LiDAR filters out the fake signal and maintains the original input coming from the surroundings.

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