Drone Sensor Defense

Drone Sensor Cybersecurity In 3 Steps

UAV GPS spoofing attacks can result in loss of control and allow drones to be made vulnerable to malicious attackers

By 2020, millions of drones will be conducting commercial missions, but without proper end-to-end sensor security, drones pose a significant issue to public safety.

Pyramid sensor security identifies and prevents attacks, ensuring safe and uninterrupted processes

Effective drone sensor cybersecurity means business processes can be carried out successfully on time and on budget.

Across industries, drones are being utilized at a rapid rate and provide unique opportunities for enterprises looking to adopt them

Without proper drone cyber security, drones cannot exercise their benefit to the fullest extent, and instead pose a severe and vital threat to security, privacy, and safety.

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    Sensor Cyber Defense for Drones

    Pyramid LiDAR™
    LiDAR is the backbone of object detection and classification, the risk of blinding by an outside source jamming the incoming signal is bigger than ever. LiDAR can be hacked by transmitting specific laser pulse frequencies, resulting in failure or worse - incorrect data being sent to the system. Pyramid LiDAR filters out the fake signal and maintains the original input coming from the surroundings.
    Pyramid GNSS™
    Regulus provides affordable GNSS spoofing detection and protection to the mass markets requiring reliability and low-cost. The Pyramid Software technology defends against ever-increasing attacks and interferences.


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