Aviation Sensor Defense

The majority of cyber attacks in the aerospace industry target and harm critical assets. From aircraft navigation systems, traffic control processes, and IT systems, the aerospace industry is shockingly vulnerable without proper aviation cyber security methods in place.

Pyramid offers the highest detection rates for even the most sophisticated, multiple-spoof attacks and threats to commercial aviation GNSS spoofing

Regulus Cyber’s Pyramid GNSS is a smaller and less expensive method with which to detect and mitigate spoofing and jamming attacks, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Threats and attacks can have a vast and severe economic impact on the aerospace industry and its stakeholders

Attacks on GNSS systems can be challenging to identify, making them a favorite for hackers. Our commercial aviation GNSS security allows detection, mitigation, and reporting of assaults while still providing accurate position, navigation and timing.

Commercial Aviation GNSS jamming and spoofing now a global issue

Without aviation cyber protection, exposure to cybersecurity events can have destructive effects on operational, strategic, financial processes.

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    GNSS Spoofing and Aviation: An Evolving Relationship

    Article by InsideGNSS – One of the great engineering successes of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its expert panels is the standardization of

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    Pyramid GNSS™
    Regulus provides affordable GNSS spoofing detection and protection to the mass markets requiring reliability and low-cost. The Pyramid Software technology defends against ever-increasing attacks and interferences.
    Pyramid LiDAR™
    LiDAR is the backbone of object detection and classification, the risk of blinding by an outside source jamming the incoming signal is bigger than ever. LiDAR can be hacked by transmitting specific laser pulse frequencies, resulting in failure or worse - incorrect data being sent to the system. Pyramid LiDAR filters out the fake signal and maintains the original input coming from the surroundings.

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