Automotive Sensor Defense

Sensor Cybersecurity is too frequently overlooked in the development of driverless vehicles

Navigation Systems are Easily Hackable and Manipulated

The most common GNSS chipsets and sensors used in automotive are all vulnerable to hacking spoofing attacks.

GNSS and Navigation Sensors Cybersecurity is Crucial

New semi-autonomous features offered on new cars place drivers at risk, enabling hackers with remote control of the vehicle.

GNSS and Sensors are the Eyes and Ears of Every Vehicle

ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) and Driverless (Autonomous) vehicles rely heavily on satellite navigation and sensors.

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    Pyramid GNSS™
    The first commercial-grade, multi-constellation navigation solution with robust, built-in GNSS spoofing defense. GNSS spoofing attacks are becoming easy to create by anyone with a $300 kit and open-source software. The Pyramid™ GNSS is the first satellite navigation protection system with affordable pricing and easily integrated across all receivers.
    Pyramid LiDAR™
    LiDAR is the backbone of object detection and classification, the risk of blinding by an outside source jamming the incoming signal is bigger than ever. LiDAR can be hacked by transmitting specific laser pulse frequencies, resulting in failure or worse - incorrect data being sent to the system. Pyramid LiDAR filters out the fake signal and maintains the original input coming from the surroundings.
    Pyramid Radar™
    A complete cybersecurity package for Radar, offering a comprehensive protection layer against both jamming and spoofing. The risk of Radar spoofing is bigger than ever, and the fact any attacker can transmit fake objects to the sensor, or even the fact radars are vulnerable to interference, highlight the crucial need for Pyramid Radar that maintains the real signal.


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