Protecting Sensors Across Industries

With sensors being used in both in manned and unmanned platforms, the need for reliable sensor defense is increasing across all sectors and industries. The Regulus Pyramid technology is highly adaptable to different platforms across a wide range of applications. Our solutions are integrated into existing platforms and can be also embedded in the production lines of cars, ships, airplanes, drones, robots, and even infrastructure.

Automotive Sensor Defense

Driverless cars are developing at an astonishing rate, and regulations and security are having a hard time keeping up the advancing technology. From Pyramid Camera to Pyramid GNSS to Pyramid LiDAR, Regulus Cyber is playing an integral role in the safe development and continuation of driverless vehicles.

Marine GNSS Cybersecurity

The recent increase in attacks on the maritime industry indicates the critical need to ship cybersecurity to become a priority. A vessel’s reliance on accurate GNSS systems is essential for the safe transportation of both cargo and people. With Pyramid GNSS, Regulus is ensuring the maritime industry can sail into the future safely, and without disruption.

Aviation Sensor Defense

Commercial aviation sensor cybersecurity has never been more critical. Aircraft is surprisingly vulnerable to spoofing and jamming attacks as well as LiDAR, and the effects on operational, strategic, financial processes are brutal. Pyramid’s sensor suite is assisting the aerospace industry in identifying and mitigating threats before they become active, saving lives and valuable resources.

Drone Sensor Defense

Drones are breaking into a variety of industries as a critical and necessary business investment. UAVs are used for search and rescue, expedited shipping, infrastructure maintenance, aerial surveillance and more. Unfortunately, drone sensor security has not kept pace with the rapid adoption of drones in various business processes. At Regulus Cyber, our innovative Pyramid suite ensures sensitive data collected and transmitted by drones remains secure, and that drones can operate securely without unwanted malicious attacks.

Robots Sensor Defense

The emergence of robotic innovations has had profoundly positive effects on a variety of industries. Unfortunately, sensor defense was ignored as the technologies developed quickly. Regulus Cyber offers sensor security solutions with Pyramid Lidar, Pyramid GNSS and other technologies to ensure your systems operate reliably.

Infrastructure Sensor Defense

Critical infrastructure systems are the backbone of many diverse industries. Ensuring that critical data remains protected and that systems and networks remain protected against jamming, spoofing, and other damaging attacks is vital. Pyramid sensor cybersecurity works within your enterprise to ensure total functionality and protection.