Protecting Sensors Across Industries

With sensors being used in both manned and unmanned platforms, the need for reliable sensor defense is increasing across all sectors and industries. The Regulus Pyramid technology is highly adaptable to different platforms across a wide range of applications. Our solutions are integrated into existing platforms and can be also embedded in the production lines of cars, ships, airplanes, drones, robots, and even infrastructure.

Tracking and Electronic Monitoring

Authentic and Continuous GPS tracking for both item tracking and offender electronic monitoring is vital for the businesses and agencies operating them. Modern monitoring solutions lack proper protection against hacking and spoofing, and are exposed to manipulation of location. Regulus provides comprehensive cybersecurity software to ensure monitoring reliability.

Automotive Navigation Cybersecurity

Vehicles are utilizing advanced ADAS systems, incorporating GPS location technology to perform different driving functions. Level 2+ cars up to level 5 driverless vehicles are dependent on reliable and continuous positioning and navigation inputs. Regulus Cyber is offering software solutions that ensure incoming GNSS signals are secure, and that sensor fusion is functioning properly.

Maritime GNSS Cybersecurity

The recent increase in attacks on the maritime industry indicates the critical need to ship cybersecurity. A vessel’s navigation ECDIS system reliance on accurate GNSS systems is essential for the safe transportation of both cargo and people. With Pyramid GNSS, Regulus is ensuring the maritime industry can sail into the future safely, and without disruption.

Aviation GNSS Cybersecurity

Commercial aviation navigation cybersecurity is critical. Aircraft are vulnerable to spoofing attacks on the onboard navigation systems, and the effects on operational, strategic, financial processes are severe. ILS and Autopilot systems rely heavily on GPS being reliable, and Regulus Cyber software solution ensures real-time detection and prevention.

Infrastructure Timing System Cybersecurity

GNSS based timing systems are the backbone of multiple infrastructures around the globe. Ensuring that critical data remains protected and that systems and networks remain protected against GPS spoofing is vital. Pyramid GNSS cybersecurity software ensures real-time alert when time spoofing takes place and ensures continuous service.