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GPS Cybersecurity for mobile GNSS Chipset

Reliable Navigation and Timing for Smartphones

GPS chipsets exist in all modern mobile phones. Personal mobile devices are utilizing GNSS data to determine both location and timing. 

Phone users today are dependent on GPS to use location based services, mapping apps, and navigation apps. 

GNSS spoofing attacks are on the rise, and jeopardize the reliable use of these features. Regulus Cyber has developed an algorithm to detect and mitigate any GPS interference. 


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Mobile Phone Spoofing Detection Algorithm - Pyramid GNSS™

Regulus Cyber is taking a holistic cyber approach to address GNSS vulnerabilities by offering a software-only protection (like an “anti-virus”) for GNSS, providing location and time integrity under a wide range of ever-evolving attacks and attack surfaces. 

Regulus Pyramid GNSS is a software library for detection of cybersecurity attacks and authentication and protection of GNSS. It is readily compiled into any required target, lightweight and seamlessly integrated anywhere in the system, whether new or retrofitted, and has both connected and stand-alone operation options to fit different use cases. Its flexibility of integration modes and low footprint are critical for securing mobile phones and embedded IoT applications.

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Key Features - Pyramid GNSS™ for Mobile Phones

Real time detection of spoofing or any type of GPS interference

Works with both Android and iOS operating systems

Designed to integrate with existing GNSS chipset without hardware modification required

Requires very low computing power and works as a standalone without connectivity

Phone GPS Spoofing News

Meet Regulus Cyber at MWC 2020 – Mobile World Congress

Regulus Cyber is presenting a live GPS hacking and protection demo, at the Westgate Smart Cities area, booth #1312.
Pyramid GNSS, Regulus’ software-based cybersecurity protection against GPS hacking has won the prestigious CES 2020 Innovation Award.
Book a demo session, demonstrating real-time wireless hacking of the vehicle’s navigation system.

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