Electronic Monitoring GPS Cybersecurity

a powerful software suite that provides ankle monitors with the capability to detect GPS hacking

prevents offenders from utilizing off the shelf spoofing devices to evade house arrest or being tracked 


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Electronic Monitoring Spoofing Experiment

One of the core technologies used in Electronic Offender Monitoring systems is GPS. While GPS
is an indispensable tool for offender tracking, it can be circumvented. By launching a GPS
spoofing hack, an individual can fake the GPS signal and manipulate the Electronic Monitor,
effectively tricking the system into displaying a false location without triggering alerts. The Instructions on how to use GPS spoofing are freely available online, making this an increasingly
dangerous vulnerability. Offenders wearing an Electronic Monitor can trick their device into
displaying that the person is at home, while actually, they could be going anywhere, completely

The Regulus Red Team has shown with a simple test that Electronic Monitoring systems are
susceptible to GPS spoofing attacks, allowing the offender to fake his location. To protect systems
from these kinds of hacks, Regulus is providing software technology that acts as an antivirus to
detect and protect against spoofing attacks.


Electornic Monitoring Ankle Spoofing by Regulus - SD Quality



Real-time Tamper Detection

Instantly alerts officers if any attempt to manipulate the GPS signal is detected.
The state of the art Pyramid GNSS™ algorithms, analyze all incoming satellite signals in real time, ensuring their authenticity.  

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Easy GPS spoofing under $100

The method with which offenders are hacking their own ankle monitors involve free online software and a common device that can be easily purchased online at any e-commerce website. 

This type of signal manipulation is stealthy and enables the perpetrator to leave their permitted area, completely undetected. 

Electornic Monitoring Ankle Spoofing by Regulus - HD Quality_2

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Threat Analysis











Electronic Monitoring GPS Sfooping Detection


Lightweight library compiled into any required target


Simple flexible software-only integration including retrofit option


Stand-alone or connected operation


Hardware agnostic, supports most modern GNSS systems


Software (anti-virus) updates for newly identified threats


Minimal effect on battery life


GPS Hacking Detection Demo - Pyramid GNSS™

Spoofing iPhone 11 Pro and Detection



Integration Options

graphic 1-1

Stand-alone Solution

Minimizes data connectivity

Integration simplicity 


graphic 2


Connected Solution

Ongoing software updates

Optional crowd-based decision


Protection Capabilities

Protects against all types of spoofing (Multi-Constellation and Multi-Frequency)-2

Complete GNSS Protection

Protects against all types of spoofing, both Multi-Constellation, and Multi-Frequency

Detects and alerts GPS hacking attacks (Software)-1

Real-Time Alerts and Response

Detects and alerts when GPS spoofing attacks take place and engages security protocols defined by the customer.


Seamless Integration In EM System

Pyramid GNSS™ was designed for commercial GPS receivers found in ankle monitors

Keeps providing valid PNT under spoofing attack (Chip IP Core)-1

Over The Air Updates

Utilizes the electronic bracelet connectivity to provide ongoing updates against evolving threats


Product Highlights


Tested And Proven

Solution based on different spoofing scenarios conducted on existing electronic monitoring modules

Software only, works on most common receivers-1

Lightweight Software

Requires little to non computing or battery power from EM unit

Real time alert to fleet operators and law enforcement-1

Real-Time Alert

Real-time alert to monitoring staff and law enforcement once GPS manipulation is detected

Affordable and simple solution-1

Affordable Upgrade

Enhancing the capabilities of the existing GPS receiver without any expensive hardware modifications




Electronic Offender Monitoring Vulnerability

White Paper


Regulus Pyramid GNSS



GPS Resiliency Report


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