We are Regulus,
A GPS Cybersecurity company

Our story

Regulus is the software leader for smart sensor security.  Regulus provides affordable GNSS spoofing detection and protection to the mass markets requiring reliability and low-cost.  The Pyramid Software technology defends against ever-increasing attacks and interferences.
The Regulus Pyramid GNSS technology provides revolutionary tools to defend against GNSS/GPS spoofing attacks for automotive, mobile, maritime, aviation, critical infrastructure and various other applications, markets and users. *(GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems:  GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, Glonass, and more.)
The Regulus software library uniquely provides GNSS spoofing detection and protection, enabling essential GNSS security and reliability required by these vast markets.  The Regulus Pyramid IP Core algorithm for chipsets also provides mitigation, enabling accurate and dependable GNSS capabilities even while under a GNSS spoofing attack. The Pyramid GNSS technology assures that the signal being received is coming legitimately from satellites and not from ill-intentioned hackers.
GNSS spoofing is a cybersecurity attack that provides fake PNT (Position, Navigation, Time) information, enabling a hacker to take control of a GNSS receiver, remotely and undetectably. A GNSS spoofing attack is easy and inexpensive to create, and it can affect various critical functions, such as time-sync, speed control, steering, navigation, location, privacy and more.  The outcomes can be disastrous. 
Spoofing attacks can cause PNT anomalies and cross-system issues resulting in conflicting data and incorrect system actions, failures related to time-sync position and velocity, and fleet-level and telematics problems.  In automotive, aviation and maritime, spoofing may confuse the person or crew steering (and a vehicle’s autonomous or ADAS systems), and cause deliberate misdirection, inconvenience and delays, accidents and damages, and even jeopardize cargo and lives. 
Founded in 2016, Regulus is based in Israel and backed by investors Sierra Ventures, Canaan Partners Israel, the Technion, and F2 Capital. Regulus Cyber is an alumnus of the prestigious “Drive” and “The Junction” accelerators in Israel.
The GNSS Cybersecurity Opportunity
  • GNSS receivers are a $100B market, growing to over $170B by 2022*
  • GNSS chips are an $18B market, growing to $35B by 2025**
  • 8 Billion GNSS devices expected worldwide by 2020, from 5.6B in 2014*
  • Automotive accounts for 50% of the market in revenue*
  • Autonomous driving requires highly accurate position, navigation & time in all scenarios.
  • It’s a requirement that no individual technology can provide on its own. 
  • GNSS is a key element of sensor fusion, representing the main element 
*European GNSS Agency (GSA), 2017 GNSS Market Report (click to download report)
** TMR, October 2018, GNSS Chip Market research.

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