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TU-Automotive, a digital platform all about the automotive technology industry, interviewed Regulus Cyber's CEO, Yonatan Zur, while showcasing the Pyramid GNSS solution at EcoMotion week 2019. Watch the video to hear more about the importance of GNSS cybersecurity and about the simplicity of hacking.


After being neglected in the past, major advancements in hacking technology have led to increased awareness about and interest in vehicle sensor cybersecurity. Vehicle sensors include radar, lidar and GNSS. In addition to automotive, GNSS can be found in a variety of other industries, including maritime, drones, and mobile – all of the above are exposed to hacking risk.

New hacking technology enables simplicity. In order to hack a GNSS sensor, you can simply purchase a $100 device from amazon, use free software, and follow a YouTube tutorial. Moreover, the attack itself is done externally – with no need to connect to the target – by sending false GPS signals. As you can see in the demo presented, hacking a cell phone device and spoofing its location is easy and attainable.