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GPS is everywhere. Actually, there’s a good chance your reading this with your phone, it has GPS in it.

GPS is all around us, our phones, cars, drones, ships, airplanes, even the electric grid is using it for accurate timing. And yet there is a looming danger for all GPS devices – Spoofing.

Spoofing is an attack in which a hacker generates fake satellite signal, stronger than the one coming from the satellites in space. It is quite easy to do since the signal coming from space is very weak (and completely unencrypted!).

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Generating a fake satellite signal is quite easy, all you need to do is buy an $80 device called SDR (software-defined radio) and use it to mimic the signals coming from space. GPS hackers use this device to transmit fake location, speed, altitude, and even timing data.

This fake information can cause multiple dangerous scenarios including delaying flight mid-air, diverting a ship off course, or causing a vehicle to drive into oncoming traffic.

Over the past few years, GNSS spoofing attacks occurred worldwide and so far there has been nothing to stop them. For example, when Regulus researchers tried to see what happens when spoofing a car on the road they realized they could cause the car to turn at the wrong location, hit the breaks and even change lanes!

Luckily, Regulus Cyber has been working hard on creating the world’s first software-only solution to protect against GPS Spoofing. The Pyramid GNSS, is a smart algorithm that can authenticate the signal and detect whether the incoming signals are real or fake.

This means that every single GPS receiver or chip, can now be smart enough to identify if it is being attacked. So even older devices and new devices alike can be protected with a simple installation.

Ghost GPS

So no need to be scared of spooky spoofing any longer, if you’d like to learn more about Pyramid GNSS, simply contact us, we wish you a happy Halloween!