Securing Automotive Navigation Webinar: How to Protect Vehicles Against GPS Hacking

April 7, 2020 – 11am (Detroit) | 5pm (Stuttgart) | 8:30pm (New Delhi)
*If you can’t attend the session live please register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a video of the session when it’s finished.

Regulus Cyber experts discuss new developments in sensor fusion, SLAM, and GNSS cyber defence as the next step for navigation for driverless cars, with recommendations for automakers, Tier 1s, sensor manufacturers and regulators


As the only source of absolute vehicle position, velocity and time, GNSS plays a critical role. However, both current and next levels of autonomy (SAE Levels 2 – 5) will require a smart fusion between the different sensors on the car, together with the onboard GNSS system with high accuracy and up-to-date information.


During this free, hour-long Automotive World webinar, Yoav Zangvil, Chief Technical Officer and Roi Mit, Chief Marketing Officer at Regulus Cyber provide an overview of the different technologies and methodologies behind automotive navigation systems, and discuss the direction in which the industry is heading with GNSS technology embedded in autonomous cars.

The webinar explores a detailed report following a Regulus Cyber experiment on the Tesla Model 3 Navigate on Autopilot feature. The report proved, for the first time ever, that using a GPS spoofing attack would allow an attacker to remotely influence a vehicle’s navigation decisions, including route changing, speed changes, suspension control, and internal system calculations.


The talk explores the new developments in sensor fusion, SLAM techniques, and GNSS cyber defence, as the next step for navigation for driverless cars, and concludes with best practices and recommendations for automakers, Tier 1s, Sensor Manufacturers and regulators.


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