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Jana Wagner



Where are you originally from?

Born in Frankfurt, Germany but grew up in a smaller town close by called Langen


How long have you worked at Regulus?

Since March 2017

JANA WAGNER in Regulus Cyber

Doing some experiments outdoors


What is a typical day at your job like?

Before COVID-19, I would start my work day with a 1 hour train ride from Tel Aviv to Haifa and have a coffee and chat with colleagues in our kitchen. These days however, I have my coffee on my balcony while admiring my colleagues through Zoom. Since Covid-19, we have a daily team meeting at 10am in order to share updates, information and plan the rest of the day accordingly. After clearing my inbox I devote myself to my to-do list that always contains a variety of market/technology research, business development and regulation related projects.

JANA WAGNER Zoom meeting

Our new norm - daily morning meetings

What is your favorite part about working at Regulus?

I think there’s an opportunity to learn an endless amount of things in Regulus. We’re constantly exploring different markets and applications for our technology, and we basically never stand still – so it really doesn’t get boring. Because GPS is such a widely used technology, there’s so many things to cover all the time.


Where do you think the GPS/GNSS cybersecurity industry is headed in the next few years?

I believe that different industries who are using GNSS are becoming increasingly aware that the responsible use of GNSS is crucially important – we have it everywhere (with a rising tendency), yet it is vulnerable. So I firmly believe that within the next few years there will be more discussion and hopefully more regulations about how to implement GNSS in a responsible way. I definitely see that GPS security is coming more into focus for all of these industries.

JANA WAGNER Interviewing

Interviewing for German TV at IAA 2019


What do you do for fun outside of work?

I like to be outside, usually at the beach or on a camping trip. I do yoga. I like to paint. And spend time with my loved ones.


How do you like your coffee?

I go through phases! I have my Turkish coffee that I love, and when I go outside, I will have a cappuccino. I’m vegan, so usually it will be with oat milk. But if it’s really good coffee I also like to drink it black.


Hiking Las Vegas desert after CES 2020

Do you have any special or unusual talents?

I have the worst sense of direction: in other words, a special talent to find remote and unmapped places.


What is your dream travel destination?

There are countries that I can never get enough of, like India, Portugal and Japan. But dream destinations I haven’t had the chance to explore yet are Brazil, Mexico and Nepal.


What’s a fun fact about you that some people might not know?

I enjoyed not having a smartphone (or any mobile phone for that matter) until I moved to Israel. I am actually currently considering downgrading my personal device to an old-fashioned flip-phone again. I believe that being less connected helps us be more in the present moment.

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