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Ring Revolutionary Next Generation Counter-UAS System

Fully Operational & Combat Proven in battle, Ring uses proprietary GNSS manipulation techniques, allowing it to defeat any threat

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Regulus ring C-UAS uniquely and effectively uses GNSS manipulation techniques against intrusive threats - may they be attacking from the air, at sea or on the ground - replacing the need to jam several channels or to cyber-hack data links.

Ring uses very low-power smart RF transmission, only on the GNSS channel, to take control of threats and manipulate them - effectively and simply, without interfering with other communications. Ring is more effective than other C-UAS soft-kill solutions - affordable, compact, faster to deploy & easier to operate.


Ring is TRL-9, designed for and proven in combat. Effective, simple and flexible, deploys anywhere, integrates with anything and stops everything - from a single commercial drone to a swarm of fixed wing “dark drones” stealthy attacking.


More effective than any other C-UAS soft-kill solution out there
More affordable, compact, faster to deploy & easier to operate
Uniquely exploiting GNSS vulnerabilities to eliminate threats

TRL-9, fully operational & combat-proven against real-world threats

Simple & effective against single threats or swarms

Stops any GNSS dependent threat from entering the protected zone
Stationary or on-the-move set-ups, single or multiple interconnected
24/7 blind operation, manual triggering or triggered by detection


“Red Button” effectiveness - immediately effects any threat or threats in the protected zone, reduces cognitive load and allows troops to focus on their main mission and immediate threats 

Selected by Police, HLS and Defense forces around the world for both tactical deployments and for strategic locations 

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GNSS Manipulation is a mighty tool to stop threats

Ring uniquely and effectively uses GNSS manipulation technics against intrusive drones and UAS, replacing the need to jam or cyber-hack data links.

Unlike current solutions, Ring is effective against swarms, multi-direction attacks, dark drones, manually piloted drones, 4G/5G drones - without the problematic need to reverse engineer drone protocols and with no dependency on white lists.

Capable both as a stationary and on-the-move solution, with a 10 minutes deployment time and 6Kg weight - Ring is unmatched in any C-UAS scenario.

Ring C-UAS

Ring is a revolutionary C-UAS system from Regulus Cyber.

Ring soft-kills drones by uniquely using GNSS manipulation technics, thus preventing drones from both entering a protected perimeter and returning to their operator.

Simple, Universally effective, light, quick to set up, and easily integrated, Ring is a unique C-UAS effector with un-matched capabilities.

Ring is already operational and has been combat-proven in a real-world conflict against real threats.

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Ring C-UAS C2

Integrated or networked C2

Ring comes with its own C2 interface for both Ring and external integrated systems, or use our JSON based API to integrate any existing C2 system.

The control suite provides a complete set of options for Anti-UAS capabilities including Hold, push back, divert and NFZ (No Flight Zone) modes.

Operator can choose the action required manually or pre-define an automated response based on the threat analysis. 

Full soft-kill solution

Either a stand-alone effector, combined with a detection solution, or part of a full C-UAS suite.

Simple integration, add to any other C-UAS components.

With an added detection solution, Ring can be triggered automatically on demand once a threat is detected, until it is eliminated. 

Ring R1 (coming 2023) adds to any Ring product a software-only, pre-installed or upgraded, threat detection capability - creating a full “detect and defeat” solution for tactical C-UAS needs

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Highly Flexible 

With Ring Stand-Alone and Ring Matrix deployment options, using directional or omni antennas, Ring can suit most operational needs - stationary or on the move, while offering flexible ranges and low collateral damage.

The basic Ring Stand-Alone set-up allows for a minimal yet effective single unit protection system, fast to deploy and easy to use, with a 10 minute set up time until ready to operate against threats, and super-simple operation.

Ring Matrix connects several Ring units into a network of Rings, for protecting larger areas.

Ring R1 ARM-V is specifically designed and aimed at protecting Armored Vehicles and convoys, in addition to deploying troops. With a dual top-protection and omni protection, it bring unmatched protection to troops in any combat situation.

Internal RF detection, coming soon, will turn Ring R1 into the most compact and capable C-UAS solution in the world.

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Ring Directional & Ring Omni


Ring Directional Wide
Effective Range

Ring Directional Narrow
Depends on antenna
Effective Range
Depends On Configuration


Ring Omni
Linear Polarization 2dBiC

Effective Range

Ring R1 ARM-V

No-human-in-the-loop Armored Vehicle and Troop Protection


Effective Range Omni
Effective Range Top Protection
Vertical - 0-5Km (16,000 Ft.)
Omni - 0-200M

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Up to 10W


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